Are you too busy to even think about what to put on the table for dinner?

Are you throwing a party and want to take out all the stress of entertaining? Do you have a senior loved one who needs healthier meal options? Are you training for some event or have special dietary concerns that make eating out no easy feat? Hiring a personal chef is sure to make your life easier and take out some of your worries. The Olive Branch creates personalized, nutritious meals delivered straight to your fridge based on you! By using the freshest, healthy ingredients, and based on menus approved by you, we strive to give you an unforgettable dining experience. Relax and enjoy home cooked meals again with your family or host a stress-free dinner party for friends. Whatever your needs are, The Olive Branch is here to help! 

Services Provided

Private Chef

Weekly Meal Prep and Delivery

Intimate Catering

Grocery Shopping for Seniors

Menu Planning and Design

How It Works

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Ready to start a personal chef service? Just fill out the contact information and what service you'd like. The Olive Branch will follow-up and begin catering to your needs!


After submitting your info, we will talk more about you! Depending on your service, The Olive Branch will craft the menus to your taste and get cookin'. It will always be ah-okay'd by you first! 

eat & enjoy!

We deliver fresh, tasty, home cooked meals right to your fridge, on your scheduled delivery day. Easy, peasy, lemon, squeezey!