Chef Kate


Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Kate DeWolfe has always had a passion for food and nutrition. Growing up in a family full of culinary enthusiasts, and where the kitchen was always the heart of the home, her love for cooking began at a young age. The dinner table was the consistent place where her family gathered, shared their days, and formed memories. Always helping her mom in the kitchen whenever she got the chance, Kate learned early on that food brings people together and cooking is a self-expression. Through college and thereafter, her studies always reverted back to cooking and how to better her skills as a chef. Attending culinary school gave Kate the final push to wholeheartedly pursue her passions. After working in different avenues in the culinary industry, she found what made her most happy was working closely with clients to provide customized meals and seeing them enjoy her food personally. Now living in Denver, Colorado, and through her travels to Europe, Kate uses her knowledge and experiences in her cooking and tells a story through her meals. She's always up for trying something new but also knows that some of the best meals are from one's past. With a background in nutrition, Kate also strives to provide healthy meals and work closely with those who have special health and dietary concerns. The Olive Branch specializes in prepared meals, dinner parties, and small catering events that will take out the worries and stress for you and bring people together for delicious, memorable meals.